Simple Store Cupboard Gnocchi with Chorizo, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Butternut Squash

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This is one of my favourite store cupboard dinners you can put together very quickly without too much faffing. I called it store cupboard ingredient gnocchi as my version contains ingredients I have in my fridge/cupboards 99% of time.

This recipe is so quick to put together , it is perfect for mid week supper (especially if you manage to think ahead and roast your squash in advance).

It goes like this 🙂

Simple Store Cupboard Gnocchi with Chorizo, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Butternut Squash


  • 500g pack of vacuum packed gnocchi
  • small butternut squash
  • dried or fresh sage (if you like)
  • 100g (roughly) fresh baby spinach leaves
  • half a jar of sun dried tomatoes in oil
  • 100-125g chorizo sausage (I use dried kind for this dish but you can use fresh chorizo if you'd rather)
  • 1 heaped Tbsp of mascarpone (you can also use cream cheese, soft goat cheese or even feta would go nicely here)


  1. Preheat the oven to 180C. Peel and chop your squash into small chunks, pop onto baking tray with some oil and sprinkle of sage, some sea salt and pepper and roast for 20-30 min until soft but holding its shape.
  2. While squash is in the oven skin (if using dried) and chop your chorizo and pop it in the frying pan without any oil (it will release its own lovely fat, hmmmm...). Let it colour nicely for couple of minutes and add chopped sun dried tomatoes and cheese of your choice and mix well. Stir in your spinach and put aside.
  3. Boil your gnocchi as per instructions on the packet and when ready transfer them with a slotted spoon onto the frying pan together with chunks of roasted squash and mix gently. You might want to add a small splash of water from cooking gnocchi or some oil from your tomatoes but you be the judge of that.
  4. That's pretty much it, just throwing things together really 🙂
  5. Serve with some buttered bread on the side and enjoy!

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