Hi, I’m Jo Allison and I’m thirty something, Polish, mum to two gorgeous boys (6 & 3) and a wife to a very cool Englishman who, so it happens, has his own oven cleaning business (and no my oven is not spotless and sparkling, well maybe twice a year…sigh…). We all live and work in beautiful Selsey in West Sussex.

Food, cooking and baking have always been at the top of things that interest me. Once really adventurous in my culinary endeavours, since having my boys I have been focusing more on simpler family fare, trying to be interesting, healthy and nutritious at the same time. Do not let that fool you though, occasional “posh nosh” does make appearance as well.

I love cookery books, food magazines, kitchen gadgets, crockery etc. so you can only imagine my birthday/Xmas lists (no diamond rings there 😉). I hardly ever follow recipes to the letter and mostly  treat them as inspiration to prepare my own concoctions and that is what you will find here. I am also very budget conscious and hardly ever throw anything away hence using up odds and sods from the fridge and the cupboard is a very common occurrence.

I’ve always wanted to find a platform where I can keep and easily access my recipes. The idea of sharing them with others, made starting a blog even more appealing.

We do love to eat out and travel as a family so you will also find some restaurant reviews and recommendations as well as fun report from our travels and days out.

                                                              I hope you enjoy stopping here…

March 7, 2017
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